Ramph's Beef, Bison and Bunnies

Newark, New York
Family Farm

Grass fed Bison roam on 125 acre pasture. Able to view from roadside. Home school talks available by appointment. Meat sold from the home farm. All meat frozen and packaged. Sold by weight. Special orders by request. Pleasant drive to Wayne County location Farm tour of pasture possible by request

Listing last updated on Sep 13, 2005

Grass Fed Bison Price per pound Ground meat in 1# pkg.$4.50 bulk or patties 20 or more $4.00 Chuck Roast or Steak $5.00 Bottom Round Steak $5.00 Top round roast/steak $7.00 Eye of Round Roast $7.50 Sirloin Tip Roast/Steak $8.50 Sirloin Full Roast/Steak $8.50 Flank Steak $7.00 Ribeye Roast/Steak $15.00 NY Strip Roast/Steak $14.00 Tenderloin Roast/Steak $25.oo Skull: $100-$300 Tails: $25.00 Hair-on Hides $1300-$1600 Mounted Heads: $1500-$1800 Organ meats, dog bones, special cuts availablr on request.

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We are repeat customers. We know it's worth a little extra for the tastiest Bison and beef we've ever eaten. We appreciate excellent tasting, lean cuts from well raised animals, and that's why we prefer Ramph's meats.... [more]

I have purchased bison meat in the past, but there is something about John's grass fed animal's meat that is far superior to that which I experienced from other farms.... [more]

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