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Our California Navel oranges are the perfect winter treat...juicy, sweet, easy-to-peel and seedless. Order a box today! We only pick when you have ordered! Our definition of organic... no pesticides, no fungicides, no herbicides and no chemical fertilizers. We mulch to retain moisture, to curtail uninvited weeds and to protect the soil that mother nature so happily gave to us:) We also plant companion plants to attract beneficial insects. Our water is rainwater that is piped in from Big Bear lake located in the local mountains.

Our family ranch is nestled in the east valley of Redlands, California known as Crafton Hills. Charanda derives from the Tarascan dialect of central Mexico and translates to "red soil", which is our clay soil.

The unique micro-climate and rich clay soil fed by pure mountain water are the main ingredients that make our citrus so sweet and juicy. All our fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown organically and sustainably and are all non GMO.

Our fruit is fully tree-ripened then carefully hand-picked and hand-packed to ensure that you receive the freshest, tastiest fruit available. We only pick when you have placed your order. Note: Due to the bad weather conditions on the East Coast please order in plenty of time to reach your destination. Also, we are not responsible for fruit left out in the freezing temps. You will receive a tracking number as soon as we ship. We will now only be shipping on Mondays. If a holiday falls on Monday then shipments will be sent out on Tuesday. Thanks for your support :)

Our motto: "If we would not serve it to our family... we would definitely not sell it to our customers"


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Our local grove offers sweet, juicy navel oranges, zesty Lisbon & Eureka Lemons, tangy Mexican & Tahitian Limes, tasty White grapefruit & the famous Spanish Clementine Tangerines. Avocados include Fuerte & Hass. Exotic fruits include Wonderful & Spanish Pomegranate, purple and white sugar cane. Mexican items: Nopalitos (cactus paddles), Pitaya (dragon fruit), Tunas (prickley pears) and Chaya.

Navel Oranges
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At Christmas I gave gifts of your Fuerte avocados to members of my families both in Texas and in Virginia. I also ordered some for my family. The avocados were in perfect condition when they arrived and began to ripen within a few days.... [more]

My box arrived quickly and all items were very fresh. The persimmons were unblemished and sweet. I'll have to take advantage again. This box is a nice way to sample some of the different produce from this farm. Recommended!

I got my first box of oranges last year. They were so good and flavorful that I went back for more. We really enjoyed the sweet juicy taste that seem to be missing from the store oranges.... [more]

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