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We are an accidental farm. We started with two yellow chicks two years ago. We have grown to an average of 100 chickens! How did that happen?

My daughter asked me if people showed chickens like they do other animals. I had no idea so I jumped on the internet to find out. As soon as I found that they do have shows, we were off to see what it was all about. We had no idea what to expect. WOW! We had never seen so many chickens in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. We came home with our first pair of show chickens, and it just grew from there. Some shows we take about 9 birds and others we take up to 30. It's addicting and so much fun.

Our flock includes an assortment of large fowl and bantams. Some of the breeds that we have are Ameraucanas, Wyandottes, Marans, Cinnamon Queens, Barred Rocks, Black Rocks, Frizzles, d'Uccles,Cubalayas, Old English, Cochins, Polish, Seramas, Egyptian Fayoumis, Aseels, and some mixed breeds. There may be more that I just can't remember.

Our flock is entirely free range. We give them a variety of foods including leftovers, popcorn, noodles, vegetables, fruits, seeds, yogurt, oatmeal, watermelon, corn on the cob, whatever we have left over in the garden, and more.

We believe that a farm fresh egg is a healthy egg. We sell our eggs at the market during the season and off the farm during the rest of the year.

We also offer hatching eggs and chicks for sale when available.

We grow heirloom vegetables in our gardens. If God's willing and the rabbits and deer stay away we will have a large crop this year and be able to offer them for sale also.

Another fun product we offer is homemade dog treats. We have a variety of shapes and flavors. Every dog deserves a healthy treat.

We love to talk chicken, dog and garden. So go ahead and ask that question that you have always wondered about.


Listing last updated on Aug 20, 2013

Schedule and Location:

Clarkesville Farmers' Market @

Old Clarkesville Mill
583 Grant Street
Clarkesville, Georgia 30523

Saturdays 9am - 12pm

May - Sept.

Schedule and Location:

Call to schedule a pick up.

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