Raw Orange Blossom Honey

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Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Delicate orange blossom honey notes in a fruity citrus. It is a beautiful golden colored honey with its wonderful citrus fragrance

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In our corner of the world, orange trees are a familiar sight. Every lovely old house has its citrus trees in the garden, and the famous orange groves of California stretch over acres of fertile ground. Once the food of the rich, oranges soon became available to all and is prized for both their juicy sweetness and their excellent Vitamin C content. Orange blossoms resemble jasmine flowers. Creamy white, waxy petals grow in clusters amongst the dark green, shiny leaves. Each orange blossom gives off a heady yet delicate perfume, and it is because of this that the Victorians highly prized orange flower water as a splendid cologne. Victorian brides also wore orange flowers on their veils because of the beauty of the blooms. Honeybees are equally discerning in their tastes and you can hear their delight when these little ladies are buzzing in an orange tree grove. Bear Foot Honey Farm's honeybees gather from the choicest orange blossoms in sunny California to create our beloved Raw Orange Blossom Honey and because this is an untreated, unfiltered raw honey, you get the full flavor experience of the orange blossom. Our raw orange blossom honey is golden in color, floral in taste and simply divine on muffins, waffles and toast. It is also highly favored in recipes that call for honey and in hot or iced beverages. If your only experience of honey has been the commercial variety, your first taste of our artisan Orange Blossom Honey is bound to be a remarkable experience. Discover the

The dictionary definition of raw honey is honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat. Heat is used to pasteurize commercial honey, but natural raw honey is the specialty of smaller gourmet apiaries like ours.

One very important thing to note about honey, however, is that it should never be fed to infants under 1 year old. This applies to all honeys the infant may not capable of handling some of the properties of honey.

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