Raw Orange Blossom Honey

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Raw Orange Blossom Honey

When a drop of Orange Blossom honey spreads across your tongue, you can almost taste the succulent, sweet blossoms!

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When a drop of our raw Orange Blossom honey spreads across your tongue, the fragrant citrus flavor and spicy floral bouquet let's you know that this is one of the world's premiere honeys. You can almost taste the delicate blossoms, and see acres of orange groves--it's like a quick trip to Florida, right there on your spoon!

We have citrus trees right in our apiary. But our beekeeper, Steve Ornisse, has more! He keeps some hives in orange groves upstate where the cooler nights make for tastier fruit. He keeps us well stocked with Orange Blossom honey...

Enjoy our all-natural, raw delicious Orange Blossom honey! It's sticky sweetness will bring joy to your day!

Note: Product container differs from photo. Honey is sent in standard plastic "queen line" jars, in order to prevent breakage and facilitate cost-effective shipping.

There are few places in America that provide the sultry, tropical climate necessary to produce the exotic honeys that we offer. Distinctive & delicious, honey is a sweetener you can feel good about using!

Did you know that it takes a million blossoms & 55,000 miles of flying to create one pound of honey? Each individual honeybee will only create 1/12 of a teaspoon in her entire lifetime! They never sleep. Their evenings are spent fanning away at the nectar, reducing it\'s moisture content until it becomes thick, rich, honey!

It\\\'s the only sweetener that contains antioxidants & other benefits. It\\\'s great for allergies, upset tummies, ulcers & other digestive difficulties. Mixed with lemon it\\\'s great for coughs. Terrific for wounds, burns hair & skin. DO NOT FEED TO INFANTS UNDER 1

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