Raw Wool - Gulf Coast Native Sheep

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Raw Wool - Gulf Coast Native Sheep

A raw fleece from our Gulf Coast Native (rare breed) Ram.

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 Gulf Coast Fleece - 3lbs.$45.00

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Raw Fleece - unwashed and untreated. Samwise Gamgee is our Gulf Coast Native Ram. Sam is nine years old but still a hard working animal. Sam's fleece is cream colored, with a tight, organized crimp, and a staple length of between 3 and 4 inches. Sam's wool is not as fine as our Polypay fleeces, but finer than our Romney and Cotswold fleeces. It will take a dye well and can be felted as well as spun. Low lanolin and low vegetable matter. The fleece that we have available if from 2013 and is exactly 3 lbs.

In Town Organics and Summer Fields is a small family owned farm in rural Tennessee. We sell produce and grass fed lamb locally, and we sell and ship our less perishable products, like our garlic and wool.

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