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Our farm has been developing a little bit each year for the last 25 yrs. We started out renting our cropland for tobacco. Slowly we started converting our fields back to grass both native and annual based. Today our Belted Gallaway beef herd is up to around 30 after building it up for 15 years. Recently, we just got fed up and tired of selling our animals that we have taken such good care of to the stock yard. We did not like not knowing how our animals were taken care of when they left our farm. We made the decision to direct market our beef in order to have the animal on our farm it's entire life and to ensure the highest quality life possible for it. This year we added two Large Black Hogs which we will build our stock from and 10 Yorkshire feeder pigs to have pasture pork available this year. We are in process right now of adding meat chickens and turkeys. We have layers for fresh eggs now. It is both a blessing and a responsibility to operate a sustainable farming practice that puts the animal's well being in the highest regard. We feel that translates to superior products. We have also started selling our produce we grow from our spring, summer, and fall gardens. We have over 4 acres of seasonal produce to share. We feel sharing ones blessings is so important. We take over 2 tons of produce each year and most years one steer to the Raleigh Rescue Mission. We believe in sharing our bounty with those who want to purchase and those who are hungry. Please call, email, or visit the farm sometime to see for yourself what we feel is a special place.


Listing last updated on Jul 13, 2010

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