Building facilities for raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and emus. All livestock will be range fed and certified natural.

Also building windwall protected vegetable gardens with drip/spray irrigation.

Have 75 peach trees, in place 3 years, now bearing. Building a grape orchard. Have 50 blackberry bushes now bearing. Planting 100 apricot seedlings, 100 plum, 100 assorted apples, pears, and figs.

Have several types of squash, beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions (1015Y and purple/red salad onions) planted, expected to bear this year.

Manufacturing 60 foot all steel windmill towers with 10 foot diameter horizontal vane windmill, drive shaft and 15 Kw generator, plus a battery storage pack to take other small farms off the grid and reduce energy costs. Windmill/generator system is $4500 shipped FOB Verhalen,Texas. (price subject to change) Rechargeable battery pack is $1500 shipped FOB Verhalen, Texas.

Professional master electrician, electrical engineer. Will design and build electrical power systems to keep your irrigation, home, barn/shop etc off grid and make your operation more self sustaining and independent.

Will be adding lines of imported diesel tractors, implements, for sale from the farm site and Pecos, Texas as business develops.


Listing last updated on Apr 1, 2005

Farm off grid electrical supply windmill: 60 foot all steel tower 10 foot diameter horizontal vane windmill turbine 60 foot 2 inch diameter driveshaft 15 Kw DC generator $4500 shipped FOB Verhalen, Texas Rechargeable battery pack $1500 shipped FOB Verhalen, Texas Point of service AC inverters available

Schedule and Location:

Saturday/Sunday each week 9 AM to 5 PM

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