RC Satin Angoras

Spinning Straw into Gold

Your pets' hair and fur (cat, dog, rabbit, horse, etc.) can be spun into a beautiful yarn that you will treasure. It can be as simple as saving your dog or cat brushings from a relaxing grooming session.

And be sure to send a 'sample' to me and have it spun into dog yarn or cat yarn at no cost to you! A small palmful is more than enough to work with to create your dog yarn, cat yarn, or any pet yarn.

My wool batts, and roving, start from raw fleeces that I process myself. No harsh chemicals to strip the natural oils out or dissolve away the VM (vegetable matter). I have a standing order with several farms and each year I buy the fleece from specific animals. These are small family farms raising quality, healthy, happy animals.

Beautiful batts and roving created from raw products that are natural and environmentally friendly: direct from the farm suri alpaca and shetland fleeces; ecologically friendly Tussah silk and Tencel; my own satin angora rabbit fibers.


Listing last updated on May 5, 2008

RC Satin Angoras

Satin Angora rabbits are a rare breed among angoras. Angoras come in many colors. I am currently breeding toward white satin angoras.

Yarn created from satin angora has a shine and depth that resembles silk with softness unparalleled.

Satin angora kits ocassionally available, late winter into spring, please inquire.

Fresh fryers, liver/heart,kidneys ocassionally available in late winter into spring on a limited basis. No antibiotics or hormones. Pickup only.

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