Really Raw and Pure Propolis

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Really Raw and  Pure Propolis

Completely raw and unprocessed propolis. Directly from Beekeeper.

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Our propolis is completely raw and unprocessed. It has been harvested using propolis traps on the tops of our hives, but being raw and unfiltered may contain bits of wax, pollen, hive paint, wood chips from hive and other small bits and pieces that are not propolis. Each bag has been cold stored and should be stored that way as it gets very sticky at room temperature. ( during the shipping, heat no problem) Our propolis is in its natural form and has not been melted into chunks or a powder. Colors vary based on the plants and trees in which the bees visit to collect the resins. The most common shades for our area are from light color to dark orange to brown as the picture shows.

Propolis is great for stains and as a sealant. WARNING: Our propolis has not been filtered in any way. May contain other beehive materials.

We ship USPS within 3 business days of your order.

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