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Recipe Cards

Lavender adds a unique taste to dishes ranging from beverages to desserts! Our "tried and true" recipes include the lavender!

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Lavender is an herb that is often overlooked when filling your spice cabinet, but lavender adds a very distinct flavor to all types of dishes.

Lemon is one of lavender's complimentary flavors, so Lavender Lemonade is a must to try!

Chocolate is also complimentary, and many visitors adore our Lavender Harvest Fudge during our "Taste of Lavender" tours.

Our recipe cards include pre-measured lavender to give you the opportunity to try this flavorful herb at your next family dinner!

All of our hand-made items contain 100% Grosso lavender. Grosso is known for its high oil content and its long-lasting scent. Grosso also makes very beautiful dried bundles because of its long stems and full head.

Our products come in a variety of colors or you may order a color for special occasions such as weddings and showers.

We are very proud of our unique lavender wands. These were made when the lavender was fresh and now the scent has been captured forever in the beautiful ribbon weaving.

All of our products are hand-made on the farm and are available in the farm-site gift shop. Visitors are welcome, and we have started tours by appointment.

Lavender Hills of Kentucky -- Kentucky's first commercial lavender farm!