Red Beard Brothers Farm

We are a family run farm. 3 brothers, also know as the Red Beards, feed and care for 3 different breed of pigs. We have Ossabaw Island hogs, Red Wattle hogs and Large Black. All 3 are listed as endangered by American livestock breeds conservancy. Our goal is to provide the best enviroment for our animals and the best meat for our customers.

Our pigs are never fed conventional grain. They are fed mostly organic produce and fermented grains. No corn.

We have our pigs processed at a Texas State Licensed butcher.

The middle Red Beard brother, Zach, makes baked goods sold from the farm or Bastrop Producers market and Wheatsville Co op. Zach's products are made under the label Munchees Lunchbox.

Listing last updated on Feb 27, 2014

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I was exposed to Red Beard and the Pringles by my dad on our last holiday visit from NYC. I was thrilled when he presented me with a rear quarter cut, which we prepared for a celebratory family meal.... [more]

The Pringle Family is the best- they treat thier animals with lots of love and just like they are part of the family. Plus the animals probobly eat better then the Pringles do- we have bought meat from them and its the best!... [more]

I have known the Pringles for years. They are salt of the earth and are truly passionate about their animals and food. Their ethics are amazing and Zach is an amazing baker! I highly recommend! Susie - Austin

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