Red House Farm

MISSION To develop and support local economy with the Boulder area through self-reliant agriculture, community culture and education, and use of appropriate technologies.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES Red House Farm will realize its vision through the following Guiding Principles:

Acknowledging that the current level of use of fossil fuel inputs and the resulting effects on our environment and economy is not a sustainable path for future generations, therefore, we will work to reduce the need for external inputs necessary for meeting the needs of everyday life by:

  • Assisting in the development of individual self-reliance within the community
  • Facilitating the exchange of information amongst community members
  • Working towards economic self-reliance through the use of agriculture, art and technical knowledge, but not at the expense of extant community businesses
  • Fostering creativity and artistic endeavors
  • Developing and implementing appropriate technologies to increase self-reliance
  • Continuing to adapt to the changing needs of the Boulder area by evolving these principles to meet those needs
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    Listing last updated on Nov 28, 2011

    Just finished our third season and had another great crew of volunteers. The new pigs, llama, sheep and calves taught us much. Winter is setting in so it is time to plan for 2012...will we restart the CSA? grow a lot more grain? The farm has become a hub of community activity...always folks stopping by to buy eggs, use the tool share program or just hangout and help around the farm.

    Season:  January through January

    Type:  single farm

    Full Share:  

    Work Req?  No

    Schedule and Location:

    Burr Trail Grill saturdays 9-noon

    Schedule and Location:

    Red House Farm self-pay

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