Red Janice garlic bulbs (hardneck)

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Red Janice garlic bulbs (hardneck)

Beautiful striped hard neck garlic with dark red or purple stripes.

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 Five medium bulbs$8.75

Season: Jul-Nov 

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Red Janice is exceptionally fragrant, sweet, and a little spicy baked. It starts hot raw and continues to build. Originally from the Republic of Georgia. Earlier harvest than most.

I grow all my garlic in soft, lush beds that are mulched heavily to prevent weed competition.

I am Certified Naturally Grown and use good, clean, organic practices in my gardening.

Alll bulbs will be at least 1.25" across.

Please keep your garlic stored in an airy, not too cold, not too warm spot until ready for planting. Do not break apart the bulbs until you are ready to plant because doing so will either cause the individual cloves to dry out or it may inducing sprouting.

Plant the biggest cloves to get the biggest bulbs next year. Eat the rest and enjoy!

While my garlic is good for either eating or planting, after October 1st would recommend that you buy it only if you're planning to plant it or process it (can it, pickle it, or dry it) since older garlic tends to dry out more quickly and/or begin to sprout.

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