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RED RASPBERRY LEAF TEA: Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus -100% Chemical Free Bulk Dried Herb

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2 oz. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea-Bulk Dried Loose leaf Herb Cut and ready to use.

Makes Approx. 30-36 cups of tea.

Medicinal Properties/Culinary Uses: Red Raspberry leaf has many therapeutic uses aiding in the relief of digestive disorders, treating diarrhea, fever, mouth sores (as a mouthwash) and support for a healthy heart, rich in Vitamins A, B, C, & E. Red Raspberry leaf is Astringent with a substantial amount of hydrolyzable tannin in it's leaves which help in soothing wounds and ulcers as a mouthwash.

Red Raspberry leaf has been long well known For centuries as a "Woman's herb" supporting Woman in childbirth. Red Raspberry leaf is used as a uterine tonic during pregnancy and menstruation, reducing morning sickness. It's toning effects on the uterus makes child birth easier reducing stress on the uterus and is used overall for uterine health. Red Raspberry leaf is also helpful during the postpartum period by increasing milk production and reducing cramping. Use during menstruation in reducing cramps and normalizing periods.

Red Raspberry Tea Recipe (How to use): Steep 1-2 tsps. Red Raspberry Leaf in 1 cup boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink. Drink up to 2-4 cups daily after the first trimester for aid in childbirth. Use this same tea recipe for a mouthwash gargle to rid mouth sores.

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