Red Raspberry Leaf / Medicinal Herb

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Red Raspberry Leaf / Medicinal Herb

Raspberry Leaf tea supports female systems. Effectively treats menstruation problems, false labor, pregnancy and much more.

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A famous herbalist in England, Henry Box, praised Red Raspberry as the best gift God ever gave to women. He said:"if the pains of childbirth are premature, it will make all quiet. If the mother is weak, it will abundantly strengthen her, cleanse her and enrich her milk".

It is excellent for a safe and easy childbirth. Gerard recommended Red Raspberry for a weak stomach.

Its long history of safe human consumption is evident over thousands of years of use by women in Europe and North America to support healthy menstruation, strengthen and tone the uterus, and to prepare the women for childbirth.

Raspberry leaf tea has been used by women throughout their pregnancy to ease the pain of labor, to prevent miscarriage and to increase the milk supply.

Scientific research has proven the value of Red raspberry. One of the properties discovered, fragarine, was found to have a relaxing effect on the pelvic and uterine muscles.

It also contains tannins, which are effective for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Red Raspberry is high in Calcium, which may help relax the uterine muscles. It is rich in iron to strengthen and protects against toxemia and provides nourishment to the fetus.

It contains essential minerals required during pregnancy and menstrual periods. It contains vitamins A, C, D, G, F, and B-complex all of which are vital for a healthy body.

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