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TURKEYS AND SO MUCH MORE... My farm name comes from the types of turkeys I breed: Bourbon Reds, Blue Slates, and Midget Whites. These are the same varieties that have been raved about in taste tests and are featured in Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste. I have been breeding heritage turkeys since 1998.

I hatch our own turkeys each year instead of buying them from an outside source, making them a truly LOCAL product. Our flock is NPIP certified, and we are members of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. We strive to maintain a healthy environment for our birds, preventing the need to use antibiotics except as absolutely necessary in the turkey breeding flock.


Meat chickens are kept on pasture. This gives them the opportunity to pick through fresh clover and grass, plus they stay clean and happy! No extra antibiotics added to these birds' diets.

REDBRO CHICKENS I will again do a batch of RedBro / Red Ranger style of chicken, which are the type of free range-bred chickens used in the French Label Rouge system. They are certainly more active than the usual broiler we raise. Quantities will be limited, so contact me early if you are interested in placing an order. Price will likely differ from the standard broiler, also.

PLAN EARLY FOR FRESH HERITAGE BREED TURKEYS: Turkeys will be ready for pickup Monday prior to Thanksgiving. These birds average 8 to 15 lbs. dressed. Turkeys are raised outside on pasture in portable pens, which keep the birds fairly safe from predators. $5 deposits on orders.

I also offer a wide variety of jams and jellies, including flower jellies made with violet, dandelion, honeysuckle, to name a few. Last year, I made at least 16 different types of jams and jellies to sell!!


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PASTURE-GROWN CHICKEN AND HERITAGE TURKEYS. Taking orders for the season for naturally grown poultry; discount available for orders of 10 chickens... a great way to fill your freezer!! We also offer several varieties of jam and jellies, including hard-to-find violet and honeysuckle. Breeders of Bourbon Red, Blue Slate, and Midget White turkeys; NPIP participant.

Schedule and Location:

Poultry orders can be picked up at my home. I also have a limited number of other products available, such as in-season produce, jams and jellies. Please call in advance!

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