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At Reedbird Farm in northern Minnesota, we raise registered Icelandic sheep, a triple purpose breed known for fiber, meat and milk. We also raise dairy goats, llamas and other livestock. We sell wool, handmade wool products, meat and milk soaps. All our animals are raised without synthetic chemicals, antibiotics or hormones and have access to pasture all year. We put up our own hay and use no artificial chemicals on the hay fields or pastures. Sustainable farming practices are important to us. We plan to restore native prairie on pastureland while conserving native forest and wetland systems. Teaching about natural methods is part of what we do and classes and workshops are offered periodically on topics like herbs, homeopathy, minerals for ruminants and natural dyeing. Consultations on restoring and maintaining health in animals are offered by traditional naturopath and herbalist, Alethea Kenney, who is board certified by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.

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Icelandic sheep are not only beautiful but functional. Their fiber has a dual coat, a softer under coat protected by a longer outer coat that repels rain and snow.

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