Rehoboth Homestead

At Rehoboth Homestead, we choose varieties of vegetables for their flavor and nutrient content and our flowers for beauty and vase life rather than for their ability to withstand shipping. We take the stewardship of the land and animals entrusted to us seriously. We follow organic production standards as a minimum.

Rehoboth Homestead free-range eggs have naturally-balanced nutrients, with bright orange yolks and firm whites. The hens are fed a certified organic, non-GMO, soy-free feed.

Rehoboth Homestead pastured broilers, ducks (Muscovies and rare Golden Cascades), and heritage pigs also roam among the trees, brush, and pasture. THe are fed certified organic, non-GMO feed. Our animals have spacious shelters and get to roam within protective fencing. They are treated calmly and gently.

You may support our farm by becoming a CSA or Support a Hen member, or by purchasing your food and flowers at our summer farmstand or at the Plattsburgh Winter Farmers Market.

Listing last updated on Jan 9, 2015

Garden-fresh vegetables from our CSA and farmstand. Free-range chicken and duck eggs. Pastured broilers, duck, and pig.

Season:  May through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2004

# of Shares:  150

Full Share:  Spring veggie $120 ($15/week 8 weeks) Summer veggie $475 ($34/week 14 weeks) Fall veggie $300 ($30/week 10 weeks) Summer flower share $155 ($12/week 13 weeks) Chicken $20/week Eggs $5/week unless year round Support a Hen (then $4.50)

1/2 Share:  Spring veggie $120 ($15/week 8 weeks) Summer veggie $250 ($18.95/week 14 weeks) Fall veggie $175 ($17.50/week 10 weeks) Chicken whole $20/week alternate weeks Chicken half $12.85/ week every week) Eggs half dozen/week $2.50/week ($2.25 if year-ro

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays, 10 to 1, Columbus Day through early May, at the Plattsburgh City Recreation Center, 52 US Oval. Weekly through Christmas. We take about a month off, and start back up late January alternate weeks into early May.

Schedule and Location:

Wednesday - Sunday, noon to 6
On Route 9, one mile south of Bear Swamp Road.
Frequently open earlier and later, but we guarantee 10 to 6.
Frequently open Monday and Tuesday also. If you are in the area during "off hours" stop by - we may be open.

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Our first experience with a CSA was at Rehoboth Homestead. It was an exciting happening; well organized with fresh veggies, herbs and flowers each time we went.... [more]

I loved being exposed to new & interesting vegetables. The herbs were wonderful & I tried lots of new recipes. Beth was always so helpful & excited to share ideas. I can't wait for summer!!

The cost is more than worth it and I found I really saved money. Each Friday I filled up several bags with a wonderful variety of colorful produce. It really helped me to eat more and varied veggies.... [more]

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