We farm our land and produce grass-fed beef and free range broiler chickens according to national organic standards and have been doing so for nearly 35 years. We have never been certified, but have been selling our beef as "fed organically" from the beginning, even before that term became legally exclusive, because we never felt the need to spend $700 or more a year to be certified. We have earned the trust of our neighbors and local buyers and consider ourselves certified by them. Our soil hasn't seen any non-organic supplements since we have owned it, and any grain that we purchase for chickens, milking cows and young stock is purchased from S & S Grains, an organic feed mill in Arcadia.

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Reimer's Valley Farm refers to a family owned business formerly in Green Bay. "Gus" Reimer, my great uncle, was one of the original Packer backers and Reimer's weiners were for many years the official stadium frank, until Gus got frustrated with government regulations and closed his plant. In the early years of the Packers, Gus saved them from bankruptcy with a personal loan, or they might have folded. Reimer's Valley Farm was known for their high quality products, a tradition I hope to up ho

Schedule and Location:

Galesville Farmers Market, Saturdays from 8 til noon on the square in Galesville, WI, and Wednesdays from 3 to 6 at the Ettrick Farmers Market on Hwy 53 in Ettrick.

Available anytime at The Common Market in Galesville, WI., in the freezer case, Mon-Sat from 9 - 5:30.

We are contemplating forming a Meat CSA and are looking for prospective members. Please call if interested. Otherwise you can order bundles, 1/4's, and 1/2's directly from us (608-525-7104) or at The Common Market (608-582-4442).

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