Renaissance Cuisine Personal Chef Services

Portage, Michigan

Renaissance Cuisine Personal Chef Services

Imagine coming home to a delicious dinner, without having to shop, cook or clean. We do all the work for you! And you can feel good about our environment at the same time!

Renaissance Cuisine offers these services as part of our Personal Chef package—

Discovery of your food preferences, likes and dislikes in an in-depth interview, noting all allergies and basic dietary needs

Develop a customized meal plan and recommend a menu based on those guidelines seeking out local and sustainable food wherever possible. We will even work with a CSA -community supported agriculture box* Always insuring the best fresh, local produce.

Shop for all of the ingredients and bring them to your home

Prepare meals in your own kitchen, bringing any additional equipment needed

Package and label each meal, and store it in your freezer or refrigerator, leaving complete reheating and serving instructions.

We recycle and compost vegetable materials from your service(lowers impact on environment)

Leave the kitchen spotless, smelling wonderful and full of delicious meals! We also offer cooking classes for adults and children, specializing in teaching the fundamentals of cooking in addition to special cuisines.


Listing last updated on Jan 7, 2009

Personal Chef Services with local and sustainable focus Unique dinner parties and events Specialized cooking classes for adults and children

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