Restoration Farms Texas is a small family farm north of Houston. Loved by us since 2005.

We desire to see the God of Creation to be praised because of our lives and efforts on this land and in the peoples lives we are in contact with. We understand that we can see God heal our land as we put our hand to it and are careful to manage and husband it as we go along.

We have been and will continue to grow heritage breeds, naturally grown. The pasture is a table to feed the cows, chickens, Hogs, goats.

Listing last updated on Jan 30, 2013

Available for sale:

Pastured Large Black Hogs

Grass Fed Cattle

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I personally spent 3 weeks at Restoration Farms doing some work there and witnessed first hand on a daily basis how these people live and I can testify that they are truly doing the best they can to do things the way the Lord intended it to be.... [more]

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