Return to Tradition

Our mission at Return to Tradition is to help create a vibrant and engaged Sustainable Food Community by: connecting people with exceptional farmers and food artisans; increasing our communal awareness of the social, political, economic, and environmental importance of actively supporting locally and sustainably produced food; by providing people with the tools, information, and techniques necessary to make farm-to-table cooking a positive and transformative experience; and by serving as a valuable Sustainable Food and Local Food Resource.

We currently offer:

* LOCAL/REGIONAL CULINARY EDUCATION & INSTRUCTION through our Farm-to-Table Cooking Class Series (Currently featured at Ashland Food Co-op), and through our Personal Chef Consultations.

* FARM-TO-TABLE CATERING & EVENT PLANNING which includes our "Full Moon Feast" Dinners. These gatherings celebrate and support local farmers and food artisans, and seek to create a closer connection to and greater appreciation of where our food really comes from.



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Return to Tradition:

We find great encouragement in the growing number of consumers & producers who are seeking ways forward without losing track of the past, who are recovering and discovering heirloom foods & recipes, who are spearheading innovation which seeks to improve food quality rather than to compromise it, and who are fighting for our right to real, honest, sustainably-produced food. And we are proud to be a part of the new good food movement!

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