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Happy Cows Live in Bayminette!

By: Michele Isacson    (Jun 26, 2008)

I was amazed when visiting this farm how healthy the catttle appeared. I am no expert on cows, but you really don't have to be to see the quality of what you are getting. When I received my beef I decided to trick my kids. I cooked steaks. Some of them were from Hastings Farm and some from the local grocery store. I myself was shocked at the difference in the taste and texture of the meat, but my kid's reactions were the best. One of my daughters said the meat had a "cleaner" taste to it. My son, after eating the Hastings steak and then the piece from the grocer, suggested I give the ribeye from the grocer to the dog!!!! I was amazed they could tell such a difference. Now I have a problem, they don't want to eat any of the meat I have left in the freezer!! But that's okay, I totally agree with them. This beef is outstanding! And I feel better feeding them a very healthy alternative to the antibiotic, pesticide laden meat we get from the grocery.

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