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Very Helpful

By: Neil    (Jun 27, 2008)

I just started a CSA with Rainbow Ranch Farms and Xenia has been very helpful and wonderful. The prices seemed high at first, but considering that her poultry is truly pastured (no grains) and free range, humanely and sustainably raised, tastes great, and Xenia is available to talk to, the prices become much more reasonable. I am happy to pay for her poultry instead of the poultry with mysterious histories at the store. She talked with me about the proper way to cook pastured chicken, which also helped me to look for the right kind of recipes on my own. Whole or half chickens braised in a saute pan for 40 minutes turned out perfect (moist, just-right firm texture, and yummy)! The chickens are small by store standards, but the right size for me and my family--and easier to cook in my pans. The chickens arrive very cold, vacuum-packed, and ready to cook, freeze whole, or for me to cut in pieces. I have a small freezer in which to store the chickens for later use in the year.

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Rainbow Ranch Farms says:    (Aug 29, 2008)
FANTASTIC! Great tips on how to cook these free-range, grass fed birds, I am still learning. Thank you for your participation and your wonderful feedback. We are happy to have you on board! From Xenia