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okay, but not as happy as others apparently are

By: Jamee Hubbard    (Jul 2, 2008)

We used Sunny Sky one season (both full share plus storage share). I realize that the quality of food is dependent on weather, but it is also somewhat dependent on soil quality and production and harvest quality. According to their pamphlet, a share is supposed to feed a family of four that has a mixed diet. My husband eats a lot of meat and some vegetables and I eat more vegetables, and it was not enough food, usually, for the two of us. We always ran out of most of the things in the summer (save for the greens and turnips). I was never impressed by the taste of the produce, either. It never tasted "tasty." In fact, all of the carrots we got from them were bitter tasting, compared to the really great carrots we were getting at the local farmer's market during the same season. Oftentimes some of the produce would be damaged. It always came very dirty (yes, I know it's a farm, but couldn't it be at least a little rinsed off?), so it always took so long to prep the produce (always more than three washings for leafy vegetables). Furthermore, there seemed to be a misunderstanding about the total amount that I paid for my membership; it kept getting resolved, then unresolved, then resolved, then unresolved.

It turned me off to CSA's for the following season because it was so expensive, and I didn't feel like it was worth the money. This year I'm trying a different one. I've heard good things about this new one, so I'm looking forward to getting my shares.

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Mallory Smith says:    (Oct 1, 2008)
I'm not sure if we're talking the same Sunny Sky farm because the Sunny Sky farm that I participate at as a worker share has some of the highest quality vegetables around this area. Such care and hard work is put into every harvest, and the abundance of produce is more than enough for my house of 5 basically vegetarian college students. The price is more than fair for the quality and quantity of food. I highly recommend this CSA.