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Non-existent customer service

By: Susan Garlinghouse    (Jul 11, 2008)

I placed an online order for eggs and chicken and received a prompt email confirming that my order had been received and shipped. Two and a half weeks later, nothing had arrived and I sent multiple very polite emails asking for tracking information or some sort of a status update, with no response whatsoever. I finally contacted Local Harvest directly, they investigated (promptly and courteously) and said the farm had delayed shipping because of hot weather. Fine, but how about some timely communication from K&M to that effect? Don't accept and confirm my order, charge my credit card, tell me it's on the way and then just dust yourself off and walk away from the whole thing. Unavoidable delays are one thing---a total lack of service and common courtesy is another. Very disappointing, I won't send my business their way again. I rated them one star because the website says I have to assign something, but frankly, they didn't even earn that.

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