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The best vegetables I ever tasted

By: gquirke    (Jul 19, 2008)

My family has been enjoying the Brussel Family service since June 2008. It's really wonderful on many levels. Firstly, the whole family gets the chance to eat so many great different varietals of vegetable that we would never otherwise get exposed too. Secondly, the experience of preparing all the different vegetables has become a family weekly event. And lastly, the vegetables taste so good! We keep things really simple. Each week we create a very large stew. We throw everything in and cook with chicken, or other meat, and wild rice. Beets, squash, onions, turnips, fava beans, carrots, garlic scapes, cucumbers; whatever comes in the box each week. It all tastes great! We leave the imagination to the Brussel Family and cook with a readily available simmer sauce from the local supermarket. It could not be easier. The stew generally lasts us through mid-week. Tremendous value and a privilege to have the opportunity to eat fresh, locally farmed organic food that tastes so good. For working parents that really care about what their family eats, the Brussel Family service is tremendous.

Gary Quirke and Sara Oshinsky, Scarsdale New York.

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says:    (Sep 16, 2008)
what does the weekly 'basket' contain? do you suppliment with other veggie shopping?