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Walkerton Association a blessing!

By: Joyce Zalas    (Jul 30, 2008)

My family joined the Association Sept. of 07 and couldn't be more pleased! Our daughter is terminally ill and has a feeding tube. I had been feeding her with the 'processed nutren' normally used, resulting in a 'puffy' look and problems with her bowels. I wanted to give her something more natural and healthy. Since I began feeding her the raw milk, she has lost that 'puffy' look, and her bowels have improved. She also hasn't had one lung infection since she started. The milk is a blessing yes, but moreover the people in the Association have helped my family on numerous occasions. Because of our 'caretaking' situation we have not been able to assist in any of the group 'work/help' days, but you would never know it by the way these sincere people have helped us out. Sharing their own milk when my daughter needed more just to mention one! I don't know where else you will find a more caring, informative group of people! The milk is wonderful, but without this collection of people it wouldn't be so sweet~ Counting ourselves blessed, Joyce

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says:    (Nov 10, 2010)
Thank you Joyce for your thoughtful and helpful review. I have a son with similar issues (feeding tube, progressive disease and bloating and bowel issues) and considered joining over the summer but it was a bit too far. Your comment was most helpful. I look forward to transitioning my son over to raw milk from this farm.