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By: Tina Mealer    (Jul 30, 2008)

I would like to comment, due to a negative review on this site, on The Walkerton Dairy Herd Association. We have a wonderful hard working group of people who strive to make our association be one of the best. Anyone interested in joining our group is more than welcome to read over the contract before paying for a share . Tours of the farm and the milking facility are given by appointment and greatly encouraged. Milk production does vary due to weather, herd size, nursing cows, etc. Some things are beyond our control but these are the same things that affect any other dairy farmer and their milk production. Several members do a great deal of research to make sure we are running our facility and caring for our cows in the best possible way. We have continued to grow over the years we have been in existence and are looking forward to growing in the future. Tina Mealer President WDHA

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