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A wonderful local resource!

By: Anne Wolfe    (Aug 8, 2008)

I have been working on purchasing food from local farmers, and Jehovah-Jireh is GREAT! It's a pleasure to drive down their shady lane, and to see the farm open up before you - chickens and turkeys busily scurrying around, enjoying their cage-free lives.

When you hop out of your car, you'll likely be greeted by a cat or two, winding theirselves around your ankles. The 'self-service' refrigerator/freezer system works well for me - I can help myself to whatever appeals, and make my own change from the change jar. They have a calculator available so that you can easily add up your purchases. The funny thing is that both the calculator and the change jar reside in the refrigerator, so they're cold to the touch! One day they had run out of eggs in the refrigerator, so I wandered down to their house to alert them (as they request), and they quickly put together what I needed.

I have to tell you this in all honesty - the turkey we prepared last Thanksgiving was the BEST I have ever eaten...I'm ordering two this year!

Come and visit and support your local farms (and 'horror-free' raised chickens and eggs)! They are competitively priced, and are far more nutritious and tasty than anything from a grocery store.

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