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It really does matter

By: Susan Lyons    (Aug 9, 2008)

Coming from a farm family background, my sisters and I have always felt a strong connection to the land and have an appreciation for how we nourish our bodies. After reading books like Mad Sheep, Plenty, Animal Vegetable Miracle, and of course Fast Food Nation, we can only eat beef from a place like Hedgeapple Farms. My husband is the real meat eater, I only eat ground beef once in a while, and we made the decision about a year ago that Hedgeapple Farm would be our only source of beef. We see the cattle living a natural life - grazing and walking around - on our way to and from work - it really does matter. A lot of people think it is gross or disgusting to actually have a connection to the meat they consume, but I grew up on a farm so I understand the respect and caring that is involved in producing meat for consumption when all efforts are made to provide a natural life cycle. It's time to do things differently and thoughful purchases of food products is going to make a huge difference in our world. Oh, let me say that the quality is fantastic.

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says:    (Sep 10, 2008)
We drive past the farm, watching the activity of the cattle and feel good supporting the local efforts of farmers who care about their "investment". Knowing that the meat is fresh and locally grown draws us away from reliance on the major chain food stores. The quality of the meat is excellent and while priced higher than store bought meat, the added amount is worth it knowing that this is locally grown and free from the inhumane production techniques of feedlot beef. Thanks Hedgeapple for a great source of local food.