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An excellent resouce for wonderful veggies

By: Marie Bennett    (Aug 11, 2008)

This is my second season as a member of Green Earth Institute, and I have loved every week of it. The produce is excellent, and plentiful. At pickup we get the weekly newsletter as well as an info sheet on each vegetable, and they are packed with great recipes and information about the vegetables. I have tried so many new vegetables that I would not have necessarily bought if I'd seen them in a grocery store, simply due to not knowing what to do with them. My 10 and 12 year old boys love going to the farm, and we spend the ride home with them pouring over the recipes and deciding what to cook for dinner. They have several favorites now, including a "shrek smoothie" made with kale. It is bright green, and they adore it. Who would have though, my kids begging me for kale!

Head farmer Steve Tiwald is always there to talk with us, and share stories about the farm and the week's work. It is wonderful to have a connection with the people who grow so much of the food that my family eats for much of the year. Fresh through the growing season, and we can soups and tomato sauce and pickles for winter.

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Sherry Needham says:    (Nov 15, 2011)
My kids love the Shrek Smoothie too! I'm following that lead and adding kale/spinach/chard to potato soup and calling Shrek Swamp Soup. I love Shrek :-)