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Fantastic Meat/Great People

By: James Stringer    (Sep 4, 2008)

Having been in the food business for 25 years I can say without question that the meat I have been getting from the Houdes CSA is top quality and would reccomend it to any one. You will receive a mixed bag of pork, beef and veal. All is pre cut, portioned and you will get a mix of premium cuts, cured & smoked meat and some ground or stew meats. Nice variety.

The pork that the Houdes raise is great, has a wonderful depth of flavor that you will never find in supermarket pork. This same pork is also shred with members as ham and bacon and these two are some of the best you will find anywhere.

Anyone who has problems eating veal is thinkiung about factory farmed calves that are confined and fed too much, and end up pale, squishy and with no flavor. The veal that comes in a CSA share from David is sweet, tender and flavorful. It is from young animals that have grazed freely and had the pleasures of their own mothers milk not factory "Baby" formula. Any one squeamish should re-educate themselves and try this, it is lip smacking good, and I feel it is guilt free.

The toughest part of a CSA for most people, whether it is meat or vegies is not knowing what you are getting. I think this is the most interesting part and think that it inspires creativity. With a meat share that comes to you frozen you have plenty of time to work it out.

I heartily reccomend the Houde Family Farm CSA to anyone interested.

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