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Safe, delicious meat

By: Christy Tosatto    (Sep 8, 2008)

After the tragic death of my husband's father years ago of a heart attack at age 56, my husband and I minimized our meat intake.

Discovery of Hedgeapple Farm and the health benefits of grass fed beef has brought back the burger at our house to thunderous applause. It's shocking to me how different this beef tastes and smells. The flavor is simply amazing.

We now eat beef more than once a week. The chopped sandwich steaks and bratwurst are much leaner and more tasty than conventional products. The beef cubes are versatile and perfect for chili, stews, and curries.

Hedgeapple's meat is reasonably priced, conveniently packaged, and stacks beautifully in the freezer. The one pound packs thaw quickly in the microwave.

To top it all off, Scott Barao's friendly, knowledgable service makes every visit a pleasure.

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