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Delicious, healthful, convenience food

By: Lisa Bertinuson    (Apr 27, 2008)

It's not exaggeration to say this place is life-changing. My husband and I have eaten for convenience more than health; now we have both. Our fridge used to be nearly empty, and our freezer full of frozen dinners. Now the freezer is neglected and the fridge is full of the best food we've ever eaten, with minimal effort / shopping / cooking required. We pay once a month -- extremely convenient. Once a week we collect a case and a half of milk from Strauss Family Dairy and a basket of fruit and veggies that seems enormous to us. The milk, in glass bottles, has a lovely layer of cream on top, and shakes up to ther sweetest, richest, best milk we have ever tasted. (It makes my protein shakes taste like Tastee-Freeze malts; treats without the junk food.) The veggie basket contains wonderful salad greens, easy-to prepare leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, exotic radishes, heavenly citrus, and something we've never tried before, every week. Best of all, we're not spending any more money than we used to spend on all that frozen food! Less money, less shopping, minimal cooking. Wonderful.

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