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The Joy of truly Organic Growers...better than American Pie!

By: Ernie Northbrook    (Sep 20, 2008)

There's something very special about two young visionaries making their home in the Pacific Northwest and using their hearts to cultivate organics that feed communities-- and not just to feed communities that can afford it like restaurateurs or the wealthy that can drive out in their SUVs to spend their cold cash-- but because these two farmers have such a rich dedication to making their livelihood from their crop and hard work in their fields, Crystine Goldberg and her husband Brian Campbell accept food stamp credits from people who are just getting by. In all of my future travels, if ever someone were to ask me for my definition of America and the people that live in it, I wouldn't speak of the greed or the war- mongering stereotypes that I often hear proclaimed, I wouldn't try to describe our disposable society with its fast food restaurants and super-sized malls that littler our landscapes... I would do my best to try and describe the fruit and vegetables that I purchased from Crystine as she held her little son Rowan. The way the vegetables felt and the way the fruit smelled. And the way that I knew that this food was organically grown by two young entrepreneurs that toil and sweat to grow food that won't poison us... and it the way it all just happens to taste like what I imagine Heaven to be like. Reading this review, one might think I exaggerate-- but traveling from my apartment in Manhattan to visit my friends in Bellingham and eating a tomato like it was a cantaloupe right in the middle of the road, seemed to me like I had landed on another planet. And what a beautiful experience it was. Thank you Uprising Organics. Next time I travel to WA, I'll be sure to stop by your farm in Acme and I'll bring a tomato from the Big Apple and we can have a taste test. Wishing you all the best for next season's harvest!

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