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Better Beef for Better Living

By: Bill    (Oct 10, 2008)

I do not know where to start. My family discovered Hedgeapple Farm while searching the internet for a local source of natural grass fed beef. We did not expect to find anything more than maybe someone selling sides of beef. we were absolutely thrilled to find Hedgeapple Farm, just one hour away from us offering beef by the cut.

We traveled to the farm last week and we were totally sold. We bought 8 different cuts of beef from ground beef, which tastes like steak, through beautiful rib eye steaks and 2 sirloin tip roasts which were on sale at an incredible price. We have eaten beef 4 out of the last 7 nights and we can not believe the difference. The taste is what I remember beef tasting like many years ago. It was tender, juicy and delicious!

The person who helped us, I think his name was Scot, was more knowledgeable about beef than anyone I have run across in 25 years. He helped us with cut selection and spent nearly 20 minutes talking to us about the farm, the beef and how to cook it. That type of customer service just does not happen anymore. This guy was passionate about their beef and you could tell he had a genuine interest in helping us enjoy the beef we purchased to the fullest.

What an amazing visit we had to Hedgeapple farm. We will tell all our friends, many who have sworn off beef for the same reasons as us, about the farm and we will be back very soon with a cooler in hand. My family thanks the folks at Hedgeapple for providing such outstanding products at reasonable prices. Keep up the great work. We need more farmers like you.

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