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By:    (Oct 20, 2008)

This was my first time participating in a CSA. I'm single, so I split my share with a friend. The season started off so slow, we e-mailed other CSA members at the Wheaton drop off to find out if our expectations were too high. The season was supposed to end in November, but we were told when we picked up our produce towards the end of September that it was the last pick up. No prior notice was given. We would've liked to have known during the week what produce might be available at a weekend pick up. I realize farmers aren't always able to control what's going to be available before the growing season gets started, that they take their best guess. But Pheasant Hill didn't come close to having the vegetables they listed and except for the height of the growing season, splitting a share ended up not being enough. We got lettuce once, lima beans once, no greens except for one small bunch of spinach. Towards the end of the summer, there was an overabundance of apples and pears, but little else. My friend and I are committed to CSA and will participate again, but not with Pheasant Hill Farms.

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Marjorie Satterlee says:    (Dec 30, 2010)
This market only runs for 18 weeks and it ends in October. All CSA'S are only 18 weeks no matter how long we are at them. Kentlands is the only one that we are at into November.