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Great Local Farm, with Loads of Produce!

By: Brittni    (Oct 25, 2008)

this year at the Auburn Farmers Market we bought some of there tomatoes (before our tomatoes got ripe.. Couldn't Resist!) and they were some of the best tomatoes I've Ever had! Along with the tomatoes we also got some Basil, Pea Sprouts and Sunflower sprouts. also very yummy. it was the first time I've ever had Pea or Sunflower sprouts.. and it was a very pleasant surprise to find how yummy they were.

The Owners are also Very friendly. its nice to know that your getting produce from someone who really cares about how the produce is Produced!

We're planning on signing up for there Lettuce Pick-up. (due to lettuce being so time consuming to grow, at times... having to remember to keep planting them is most of the problem. and also having them get bitter too quickly. so its easier to just buy lettuce!) but we keep forgetting to do so! also looking into there produce pickup. but we don't need it as much as we would the lettuce, as we already grow most of our produce. and we'll be growing even more of our own produce next year.

but till then it will be nice to not have to go to the Grocery store to pick up Produce and Lettuce.

But Anyways.. Awesome Farm. I highly Recommend it!

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