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Wonderful Persian lime, blood orange, and basil olive oils

By: Tana Butler    (Nov 26, 2008)

I usually acquired my Persian lime olive oil (another brand) at Ferry Plaza Marketplace. But when I went there in July, they were out. I found Stella Cadente oil at another store and brought it home, since this is a must-have item in my pantry.

When I ran out, I knew I wouldn't be going to San Francisco soon, so Googled "Persian lime olive oil" and found, to my surprise, that Stella Cadente was available at a little store in Capitola less than two miles from my house. Though the store has been there 25 years, somehow I'd never been inside, though it's what my daughter calls "the mothership for foodies."

I got the oil, and lo, discovered there was also a blood orange oil and a basil oil, as well. (There is also rosemary, but I can make that myself.)

Wow, do I love cooking with these richly flavored oils. I use the lime in all things Mexican, substituting lime for lemon, cilantro for basil, and adding corn and peppers, for example, to a lime-based chicken soup with tortillas. (I can cook Italian with my eyes closed, so making the transition to Mexican or Asian by swapping a few ingredients is fantastic.)

Another instant favorite dish I came up with is the Stella Cadente Persian lime olive oil with zucchini and mint. Just a quick saute: it was my most-requested dish this summer at all the potlucks I attended with chef and farmer friends.

The blood orange oil is a favorite in risottos, with duck stock and shiitake (or other) mushrooms: the flavors combine savory and umami with a bright hit of citrus that is unbelievably good. (Try making a vinaigrette with blood orange olive oil: yow!)

The basil oil, of course, is good in anything you'd use basil in, and added an extra kick to insalata capreses.

I love these oils, and I'm like an info-mercial when I cook with friends. I hope I'm making lots of converts to this line of extremely high quality olive oils. They are worth every penny.

Signed, A Huge Fan of Stella Cadente

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