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Had to Buy a Turkey from the Grocery Store the Night Before.

By: Anne A Shissias    (Dec 1, 2008)

We did not recieve our Turkey for Thanksgiving nor have we been given an explaination why!! I image if we do recieve a Turkey today as some other posters have been promised it will be ruined and not fit to eat. I was charged for my Turkey weeks ago and I am not counting on a refund since we can't get any answers from anyone. Sounds like a scam to me!! I will never ever order from any farm on Local Harvest again.. shame on you!

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ken corrao says:    (Oct 4, 2009)
K&M is sorry that your turkey did not arrive on time , we tried everything in our powers to make this happen . the turkey was shipped out 2nd day air from ups and for some strange reason ups changed the delivery date after the turkey was shipped. It was totally out of our control , and by the time we new about it it was to late . Understandable that you are upset. We are truly sorry for this mishap . Sincerlely Ken K&M Farm