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Grass Fed Beef #1

By: Matt    (Dec 4, 2008)

I really enjoyed my free range, grass fed beef, pork, chicken, and thanksgiving turkey. The meat tastes so much better than store bought, corn fed animals. I also enjoyed the greens and other vegetables which I wouldn't normally buy. I understand it was a hard season with foxes and an extreme amount of rain. Farming is a gamble. If I had the time it takes to grow my own food I would, but I don't, so I choose CSA. I will defiantly be buying a share next year. It is also fun to see the animals beforehand. They are all handled with care and respect. I never had any problem with any of my meat tasting bad, if i had, I would have reported it and I know NV Ranch would have taken every step to ensure my satisfaction. Give CSA a chance, it is the smart and economical choice in today's environment.

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says:    (Dec 16, 2008)
You sound like you are very familiar with the farm. How do you know that if someone had complained about the meat that someone would have made it right? Also, in the beginning I loved getting the updates and recipes with each delivery, however, these stopped after about a month. Just like the website and blog, I found this well-meant attempt at customer satisfaction to be below expectation. The web site said that it would be updated every week with the harvest to expect so that I could plan my meals, but this was not updated either. Besides, if someone had asked me just once about the quality of the food I was being given every week, I would have been happy to tell them I was unhappy. Unfortunately, the people distributing the food seemed more interested in visiting with the other vendors at the markets than in the satisfaction of the customer.