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Mindful small-scale farming makes a difference!

By: Elizabeth    (Feb 7, 2009)

My family has been eating the vegetables, herbs, spices, and Shiitake mushrooms from Tewksbury Grace Farm for 3 years. Johnny and Leah consistently provide the most beautiful, healthy, and delicious produce I've ever eaten. The care they put into planning, growing, and harvesting their crops is evident when you receive the stuffed bags of perfectly clean veggies every week during the growing season. The variety of vegetables, many heirloom varieties, that we received was amazing... purple bell peppers, feathery green fennel, the red, green, purple Japanese eggplant, their amazing spring salad mix that includes edible flowers and herbs (no need to add anything to this for a salad!), beautiful purple cabbage (my 2 year old loved!), heirloom tomatoes of every shape, size, and color, gold beets, peas, and celery (I never knew celery could taste so good!). I loved spreading out our share on our table to just look at the bounty Leah and Johnny provided each week.

I have visited the farm and was inspired by their mindfulness to do things right beyond being chemical-free, for example, they minimize the use of petroleum products (i.e., plastic) in their farm operations and use no-till methods to preserve the soil and the beneficial organisms living in it. They collect produce waste from local restaurants and leaves from neighboring communities to make their own compost. They also have a large tract of land that they are converting back to prairie to preserve natural habitat and encourage biodiversity around their farm. They even developed a technique to avoid using Styrofoam when they inoculate their Shiitake mushroom logs!

Johnny and Leah love what they do and share their love of farming and eating great food with the community through educational programs and farm visits . The small scale nature of Tewksbury Grace and the pure love that Johnny and Leah put into their farm and the food they provide for families in the Central Pennsylvania is something you can taste and feel. I feel very blessed that my family can help support this type of agriculture, and that we can benefit directly from it!

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