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Great heirloom vegetables!

By: Brian Garthwaite    (Feb 9, 2009)

Making the change from picking and choosing our vegetables to opening up a bag of mystery food on Friday afternoons was a big step. Fortunately, a bag of heirloom vegetables from the Tewksburys is always full of delicious and sometimes surprising things.

Everything is almost as fresh as if you'd grown it yourself, with a broad selection of unique varieties. Purple kohlrabi. Skinny green Asian eggplant. Enormous, fresh shiitake mushrooms. Tomatoes in all imaginable colors, with a great range of flavors. And the most wonderful mesclun salad mix, full of all sorts of greens (though not all of them are green), herbs, and edible flowers. It all keeps well for a good, long time, since it's hardly been pull from the ground before arriving on the doorstep.

In addition to all of the excellent food, the CSA offers its members the chance to visit the farm during the growing season. Up on that central PA mountainside, we got to meet some of the other people who'd joined up like we had, toured the intensively hand-worked garden beds, and ate our fill of fresh raspberries and sugar snap peas. It's good food, grown by friendly, hard-working people, and joining the CSA is more than just signing up for a regular delivery of fresh groceries. It's like a firm handshake with the land that feeds you.

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