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Great for the busy professional

By: Krista Park    (Feb 11, 2009)

I've been getting the mid-sized health box for just over a month. I occasionally didn't finish the box, but then my parents came to visit and we went through all of my leftovers and one of the larger boxes of vegetables during the course of the week.

The produce I received from 5 A Day CSA knocked my parents' socks off during a recent 10 day visit. We're from Alaska, so it was always difficult to get a large variety of produce when I was growing. So, we really enjoyed exploring good beets (we didn't know one could enjoy eating them raw!!!) and a huge variety of radishes. The veggies have helped make my parents' visit really special.

I ordered my first box of produce after I realized I was in a rut of eating pound after pound of Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and green beans. Now, I'm eating a variety of different oranges, new types of root vegetables, and a number of different salad ingredients. In the middle of winter! I've definitely achieved my goal of diversifying my diet.

Now that she offers the small box, I'll probably get that most weeks and splurge on the mid-sized box when I know I'm cooking for guests. This is the perfect solution for a busy professional who wants to eat locally and doesn't really have time to shop around.

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