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Love Farm CSA

By: John Sellers    (Feb 20, 2009)

This was my first CSA experience. I had eaten from organic boxes delivered at my brother's place in California, and heard of CSAs. To feel cool I joined. At first I had some sticker shock, but I was for it philosophically, and when I started to price out what I was spending at New Seasons or Whole Paycheck I realized what a great value it actually could be.

It sounds funny, but I was kind of surprised at how friendly they were. Amy and her husband (and baby) are real people (duh). They learned my name faster than I learned theirs.

Sounds kinda dumb, but I think I am so programmed by going through the grocery line that the idea that there is an actual community behind the CSA was a new experience for me.

The season was a funny one weather wise, and that ended up delaying and extending the season for some crop items. It was actually kind of fun to be invested in the crop growing; I was on the line with the farmers.

I learned about loads of new foods, got tips on how to prepare them, ate about five times as many veggies and salads as I would have otherwise, and had fun. It was a relaxing routine we got into to drive "out to the country" in Forest Grove, meet a new item, like the lemon cucumber, and get a taste of farm life.

Our little boy loved playing with the dog, sitting on the tractor, talking to the people. It's like a throw-back to the good ol' days I never knew.

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