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Good for the environment, my health, and my budget

By: Jenn    (Feb 27, 2009)

I first went to Hedgeapple Farm after a large ground beef recall used up my last nerve with grocery store beef. I found the selection of cuts excellent, and the prices competitive, even compared to the local mega-mart. We got 21 lbs. of ground beef for $55 as well as steaks, short ribs, and marrow bones for the various dishes I make as an amateur chef at home. Because the meat is sold frozen, we can visit the farm from the DC area once every few months and pack our freezer to last for the duration. And the beef defrosts in the fridge to a good texture. The flavor is beefier, and having an affordable source of good-quality protein and iron helped me through training for a marathon, as well as various shorter distance races.

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