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Best Beef in Maryland ... No Bull! ... lol

By: Dan Kosek    (Mar 6, 2009)

We have been buying beef from HedgeApple Farms for about 2 years. Clean, healthy, great tasting roasts, steaks and burgers. Scott and Ryan are always ready to help anyway they can, from recipes to a hand getting our purchases out to the car. If you like beef, you'll love HedgeApple beef. If you don't like store bought beef, do yourself a favor, try some HedgeApple beef. :)

BTW ... Its the ONLY beef my 20 year old Celiac daughter can eat. She can taste the difference between grain feed mystery meat from the grocery store and real, grass feed, hormone/antibiotic free HedgeApple Beef!!! So can we!

Blessing to all the team at HedgeApple Farms. We are glad your local to us up in Thurmont.

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