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Great veggies-great service

By: Barbara    (Mar 17, 2009)

I was a newbie when I signed up in 2008. But I'm a big advocate of supporting our local farmers so I thought I would give it a shot. I bought a full share since I have a family of 4. I anxiously awaited each week to see what surprises I would pick up in my share. I got a ton of veggies! Everything was SO fresh and very good. There were even some veggies I had never tried, but now have some new favorites! Cooking fresh requires a little more work at times, but it was well worth it. It was also nice to be able to buy fresh fruit at their stand whenever I wanted. Terry was very accommodating if I had any questions or requests. I made an amazing green salad for Memorial Day--took it to two picnics and everyone raved about it. You can't get any healthier than this-using fresh picked veggies every week. I would highly recommend--I've already signed up for this year!

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Carolyn Frey says:    (May 14, 2010)
The Kromer farm does NOT grow all the vegetables they sell. Don't let them fool you! Food is purchased wholesale and trucked in to resell. This is a fact!